about-01“Erros Club” is one of the most prestigious institutions of Kiev, which is a nice luxury is combined with the interior harmony, staff professionalism and reasonable prices. Every client is valuable for us and we care primarily about their interests.
People come to us decent people who know how to appreciate the pleasures and to combine them with your daily routine. In an erotic club “Erros” relaxed atmosphere and comfort, which promotes relaxation and recreation in all its variants. After at least one hour, conducted from us, you get a charge of vivacity and positive, which will allow you to experience a new taste of life and understand themselves.
The atmosphere of our club is filled with calmness and deliberation. All our employees are educated and know how to behave with customers, providing unobtrusive attention and not bothering with unnecessary questions.
We carefully select the music that plays in the cabin. This captivating and sultry lounge indigo. Each massage room its own style of music, promoting relaxation or excitement – depending on what kind of erotic massage you are interested in more.
All the girls working in the “Erros Club”, have a beautiful appearance, and are professional masseuses. They are all very different and each has its own special beauty, so you can choose a girl who will be most fully meet your tastes.
In massage salon “Erros” barely perceptible light incense that relaxing effect on the mind and the human psyche. We select unobtrusive odor, which will in any case, pleasant and appropriate.
Flickering candles makes the interior of our club even more attractive. It has everything for the comfort of our customers, for their rest and relaxation. We strictly comply with all the technology and erotic massage performed by our girls, he has not only openly exciting character, but still good for your health and blood refresh the body.
“Erros Club” is located, there is a free parking for our customers, and everything is done for their convenience and comfort. Our reputation is impeccable, we can offer you only the best and are not ashamed to talk about it!