— It’s not just the setting is in the Salon of erotic massage, WE DESIGN a state of mind!

Entering the door “Erros”, you leave behind all the daily and routine that has become habitual companion in your life. Luxury furnishings, sofas and gloom will help you unwind in a relaxed atmosphere. It is convenient for us to come after work, sit on a cozy sofa and flipping intuitive price list with the description of services, tasting rare varieties of green tea in a frosty glass cup.
The erotic Salon “ERROS” has always played a quiet and pleasant music!
In the style of a lounge, hovering delicate fragrance of incense and aromatic oils. Light is always muted and does not hit in the eye, in harmony with an intimate atmosphere.
You will find a lot of rooms, decorated in different styles, depending on the type of massage that you want to select. Japanese Room, European, Arabic and classical fully consistent state of mind of our clients and the services we offer.
We you will be comfortable and convenient, as all the details of the interior “Erros” completely in tune with each other and are designed in the same style. Modern and stylish furniture, professional couch, spacious rooms, erotic paintings complement the consummation of the image of an erotic massage salon.