In the salon of erotic massage «Erros» go to regular customers. It formed a tradition. Once hitting the session to an experienced masseuse, the client does not seek to replace them more. He becomes a regular.
But often come to us for the first time. And for the greater comfort of our guests we have prepared a list of recommendations and regulations.
Check, please.
You will be useful and interesting to learn some of the nuances, especially if you have decided to please yourself a nice massage and we are going to come first.
Our masseuses work without sex.
This rule is strictly observed and respected by all of our loyal customers. Exception – no.
Massages are conducted by appointment. This is important especially when you go to a specific masseur.
Come to a massage parlor in advance. Then you can in a relaxed atmosphere to choose the music, scented candles. Our consultants will update your tastes and preferences. Due to the short conversation we will be able to recreate a truly heavenly atmosphere for you.
Do not drink alcohol and eat an hour before the procedure. Massage treatments “light” guarantees maximum effect. In addition, alcohol dulls sensitivity.
In some cases, you should refrain from massage:
– During pregnancy;
– With heart disease;
– High blood pressure;
– Osteoporosis;
– Varicose veins.
If you are in doubt, it is better to consult in advance with your doctor.
Body Health – joy for the soul!
Erotic massage salon «Erros» is designed for complex sessions. We were happy to come to men, women, alone or married couples. For each client we find a suitable option and do stay at the massage parlor as effective as possible.
Come. You’ll like it!
«Erros»: the revival of sensuality.