Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  550 hryvnia

2 girls:  800 hryvnia

Classic and tranquility, sex appeal and appeal – it all came together in one piece in such a service, as a classic massage. If you’re a fan of a healthy lifestyle, like to indulge themselves and strive for an exciting adventure, the Salon of erotic massage «Erros» knows exactly what to offer you!
Classic massage – this is not only an incredible benefit to the body, this is what gives a pleasant sensation, configures all the system in the desired fashion, and strengthens the tone. A classic massage, backed eroticism of our masseuses, would be many times more useful. You can in the full sense to combine business with pleasure!
The classic massage is useful?
Frankly, the use of this procedure carries a huge amount. During the session warm up the muscles and expelled from their fatigue. It improves muscle tone and skin tone. Increases resistance and immunity. And after the client session ends feels incredible lightness and peace.
How it all happens?
Our girls – real beauty with sophisticated features and stunning figures. Spend at least 5 minutes of time in the community this charmer – is an extraordinary happiness. But that’s not all, what we can boast, because in addition to the extraordinary beauty, girl endowed with a fantastic professional. They are fluent in modern tactics and techniques of massage and a love for the cause to help rid our clients from all the burdens of everyday life. Once at the disposal of one of our beauties, you are sure to lose track of time and fall into a different reality. The reality, where there are no obligations and haste, the reality in which rules the only affection and sensuality.
At the beginning of the procedure the masseuse skilled movements will immerse you in a state of nirvana and relaxation. You are distracted from all the burdens of everyday life and current affairs and may even feel some drowsiness. However, the feeling is temporary and soon your body will start fervently respond to every touch of the young beauty. Feeling close to a beautiful almost naked, teasing, attractive girls just can not leave you indifferent. Every movement of her delicious chiseled body, every touch your body with hidden areas, crowded sensuality will awaken and stir up in you the passion and the desire to experience something more. You want to drink to the bottom of bliss …
Each visit «Erros» will simply impossibly pleasant and sweet promises lots of emotions. And if you want to experience something incredible at all, then we are ready to offer you the right two enchantress who simply masterful hold session delightfully relaxing classical massage impregnated with sharp notes of eroticism.