Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  2500 hryvnia

2 girls:  3500 hryvnia

You deserve the best and erotic massage salon «Erros» knows what you offer! For example, why not plunge into the delightful atmosphere of refined east and not to feel omnipotent Padishah, before which incline attractive temptress? Three hours of petting and pampering, who readily give you our spectacular girl, just do not leave you indifferent and will make a lasting impression, imbued with a refined sensuality.
Perhaps it is worth recalling that the birthplace of erotic massage is always a mysterious and alluring east. Here, people have paid great attention to their own health and was an expert in the pleasures of love. It was here was born the practice of erotic massage, which combines business with pleasure – a huge benefit for the whole body and the incredible emotional relaxation, reach sexual satisfaction.
Fairy eroticism and bliss
Masseuses salon «Erros» not for nothing are renowned for their virtual skills. They immediately went out and brought on your body are protected erogenous zones, which you do not even guessed. And then they will gently caress your body, bestowing heavenly bliss with every touch whetted your sensuality. You did not know before about what emotions are capable of. And, meanwhile, we will continue to Weaver exciting game, giving you the most exciting experience.
In modern life, where everyone somewhere in a hurry and running at the limit of their own forces, often there is no place for themselves. But having come to the salon «Erros», you can easily catch up and pamper yourself a spicy relish. Beautiful girl – skilled masters of their craft, easily will bring you into a frenzy, working through, and without ignoring any pieces of your body. You will wrap pleasant erotic music, soft light, captivating aroma and east almost naked nymphs on you with its elegant, barely covered body. Three hours pass by like a moment, and you will not just decide to repeat this incredible, full of spicy sensuality adventure! Only here you will finally realize that in just a couple of hours can be carried out in a completely different world, which is ruled by fairy erotic pleasure that gives the stream of new forces and wakes undisguised passion that will long blaze in every part of your body!