Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  2000 hryvnia

2 girls:  3000 hryvnia

Four-hand massage – twice the fun

Sometimes health is very useful to relax and escape from everyday worries with the help of massage. What could be better than that? Only a double massage.

Allow to soak up the luxury of experienced hands beautiful masseuses can afford every man or woman. This service is available, which can be ordered in «ERROS» cabin. Just imagine: an intimate atmosphere, nice music, aromomasla and tender, sensual beauty, which will help you relax and get pleasure from a peak of massage.
Erotic massage with two girls – is:
Double pleasure in one session.
Double female attention and affection.
Unforgettable moments of ecstasy.
Excellent relaxation.
Each session begins with a relaxing full body classical massage four hands, which blends in with the erotic stage. After all your muscles will be getting heated roars skilled masseuses, will body massage, when connected to the hands touching the breast, elastic buttocks and belly.
The peculiarity of erotic massage with two girls from the salon «ERROS» is that you can choose the girls with a different type of temperament and appearance. And then massage is a contrast effect. Unusually, nice, bright.
Sessions lasted 60 and 90 minutes.
Call the massage salon «ERROS». Sign up for an erotic massage with two girls right now!