Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  650 hryvnia

2 girls:  950 hryvnia

To know the unknown peaks of pleasure, to feel all the faces of delight and assess the incredible differences sensations – all this you will be able to «Erros» erotic massage salon. We work best masseuse that his every touch can lift you to the highest degree of sensibility, give unforgettable moments.
Soft music, full of viscous eroticism that mellifluous and wakes up in the minds of incredible pictures. Subdued light a few candles, adds intrigue and encouraging the revelation. The young girl, whose beauty is crazy and making waves with delight, causing contemplate it without stopping, catching every gesture. Sensual touching beauties that maddening, releasing something nevedanoe earlier and causing the whole body to seek a new touch … Erotic massage – this is something that can give the previously unknown facets of bliss sensual men. This is what causes the balance in the framework of what is permitted, without crossing the line. We do not offer our customers banal stimulation of the genitals. We do not offer and sex. Believe me, we are able to offer something more, that is able to open up to you the feelings that you had not knowable before.
New faces feelings for special judges
If you are fed up with entertainment, if you think that you have nothing more to surprise, we hasten to offer exquisitely painful pleasure that will excite your world and make all your being to strive to learn all the pleasures and touch this sweet action – this erotic massage. Our damsels are experts in their field, and quickly find the most secret keys to your body, which will respond with gratitude to every skillful touch.
This extra spice will certainly add a sense of taboo and prohibition. For this voluptuous torture Lovelace will experience the beauties caress, but not be able to have sex with them. Though without it you will be able to spend time unforgettably. This sophisticated adventure you have not exactly had never before!
Erotic massage – an ancient science of love and lust!
Do not take erotic massage as something vicious. Not to reduce its costs and banal stimulation male genitalia. Erotic massage – is an ancient science of pleasure, which allows you to learn and heal the body, open sensuality and allow yourself to make your life joyful new experiences that have not just want to experience again. This art was born in the ancient East, where local craftsmen honed their skills over the centuries, bringing it to the highest edge. And masseuse Moscow salon of erotic massage «Erros» possess that gift to perfection. Under their magical fingers, your body will be open, like a bud, and fill with sensual passion, which will envelop you every time at the memory of these wonderful moments.
If you want to amuse yourself sweet fun and improve your own body, put your trust in our girls. The hours spent in their society – priceless!