Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  1000 hryvnia

2 girls:  1000 hryvnia

Generous East shares with us the secrets of alternate healing and pleasure. For example, earlier experience the charm of this foot massage could only tourists in Thailand and China. In Ukraine, a few people have heard this. Fortunately, today in Kiev, opened the salon «Erros», where they know the secrets of healing methods. And you can take advantage of this great opportunity, especially because it is very helpful and pleasant.
You know what a tremendous effect brings the Thai foot massage?
x_92d9525aErotic pleasure. On her feet raised a lot of sensitive points stimulation which brings pleasure.
Prevention of many diseases. During the massage worked nerves, improves blood circulation and relax muscles reflexively whole body. As a result of normal metabolism and homeostasis – coordinated work of all organs.
Getting rid of stress and restore mental balance, anxiety disappears. This is especially important for residents of the capital, because the chaotic daily life keeps man in nervous tension.
There is a general rejuvenation of the body, because removed energy blockages that prevented updating forces.
Our regular customers have noted that after the regular sessions of foot massage has improved overall health and mood is always on top.
See for yourself!
We are waiting for you at the foot massage in our salon.
Come to the session can be alone with your partner.
By the way, this is the perfect gift for any occasion that will be appreciated.
Record not to forget: «Erros» – Professional foot massage Kiev.