Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  2000 hryvnia

2 girls:  3100 hryvnia

Do you dream to feel like a great lord, who is subject to all and which beautiful virgins will give tremendous pleasure? Then salon erotic massage «Erros» know what to offer you! How about to relive the best moments in your life? We know – you deserve it!
You can choose any of our beauty, and she was pleased to give you an unforgettable bliss, having withdrawn into a world of dreams and an unprecedented turning unreal reality. Even the true connoisseurs will be able to admit that never before experienced such indescribable emotion erotic force.
Erotic massage member – exquisite pleasure
One of the most vivid impressions, break into your intimate experience, will be an exquisite massage member. Thin delicate skillful fingers of our masseurs will easily slide over your penis. For our girls will not have anything more interesting than your enjoyment. Languor in your eyes, impossible moans and complete trance – is the goal to which painfully slow will lead you masseuses. And this way is a disgrace to the agonizing and full of intimate delights. Erotic massage Muladhara – a recognized feature of the refined erotic massage salon «Erros».
After that come the turn of mad pleasure of a sweet discovery. Did you know that the urological erotic massage is able to dig in your new facets of nature. Primitive zhguchest erotic experiences, sweet longing to vomit you out of reality, swirl it in a sensory maelstrom. You lose your sense of reality. You forget about everything that was important before, because your center of the universe would be crazy erotic delight. This massage has long been known as a subtle pleasure, giving the man power!
Further – more erotic!
You thought that now all come to know? No, came the turn of the marvelous light of bliss – “Sakura”. This stunning sophisticated entertainment for the real men – sweet gentle girl will caress your sensual body with his lips. Her mouth is delicate butterflies will slide all over your body, easily touching and teasing. It’s just amazing moments that you should definitely survive!
«Erros» salon administrator will gladly help you to choose any program of relaxation and erotic pleasure. With us you will feel like your body is overwhelmed with bliss, giving fountain of energy. Even without going to the end of the selected program, you will want to return to our mistress again!