Duration: 60 minutes

1 girl :  1350 hryvnia

2 girls:  1999 hryvnia

For special gourmets who want to treat yourself to an unprecedented bliss salon «Erros» offers a new sensual pleasure that can be a maddening anyone. Four types of massage – this is something that could change the outlook of even the most demanding customers, accustomed to luxury and feminine affection. Try it, you will understand that never before knew more bliss!
Paradise pleasure to favorites
For fans of the erotic massage is an unforgettable pleasure will be a session titled “four massage”. Everything here is designed for a memorable and fun is left to chance.
Starting the session with a massage in the style of “Relax” – a reference sensuality and harmony in its purest form. This is what you dreamed, and in his most sweet dreams. That is how you will be able to experience the full diversity of sensations and are set to continue.
Further, our gentle minx will lead you to wash. While you will drain the warm water, the elastic body of our beauties are in intimate proximity to you. This fascinating fun – beautiful ladies, cascading their delightful bodies of water streams, pleasant scents of the tropics and skillful massage movements on your innermost points of the body.
When your whole nature will be exhausted from the excitement, you can go to the next stage of pleasure – erotic aroma. Young Scheherazade, whose young body will cover only a transparent silk oriental attire, will welcome you in his kingdom. Here everything imbued notes of bliss. Easy erotic music, subdued light of a few candles and aroma lamps, divine scents, luxurious mistress society … Her skillful fingers will bring your body into a frenzy, delivering painfully sweet pleasure.
Well, you are ready to experience and embodiment of all men’s dream – an intimate massage. So why not start?
Our program will make you experience what you do not have even dreamed of before. Juicy girl, skilled masseuse who easily anticipated by your most sensitive spot and force you to be carried away in a world of pleasure in which you’ve never been before. This vacation will be an ideal gift yourself!