THAI MASSAGE herbal bags

Duration: 60 minutes

2 girls:  1000 hryvnia

Thai massage with herbal bags: sensual benefits for body and soul

Tired of the routine?

They wanted to take care of your body and restore mental strength?
The soul asks of pleasant experiences?
You will be Thai massage with herbal bags – an ancient method of Thais, which is performed by the old method.
What is it lovely?
This is not only useful, but also infinitely pleasant.
An experienced masseuse using hot and cool linen bags with herbs conducting restorative massage session, which are activated as a result of remedial and protective processes in the body.
Lavender, oregano, sage, geranium and other herbs in combination with ginger, camphor, essential oils and sea salt create miracles of revival. They have a healing effect not only on the body, but also stabilize the psycho-emotional state, form a positive attitude and help to increase the vital energy flow.
You get rid of internal stress, relax muscles, joints heal, get rid of unnecessary alarms.
Thai acupressure puts you into a deep state of relaxation.
x_92d9525aYou reach the maximum relaxation, enjoy and restoring forces, which so quickly come to an end in the course of everyday work.Session joy and healing lasts 1.5 hours.
Cost – xxx UAH.
You want a bit of aesthetic eroticism?
Sign up for a Thai erotic massage with herbal bags.
And get to the healing effect of a nice bonus – pleasure.
Sensitive hands of masseuses will awaken in you sexuality flows will cause a lot of vivid emotions.
A session lasts 2 hours.
Fun cost – xxx UAH.
The finish will remain with you for a long time.
Call us and make an intimacy session with my true self
Massage salon «ERROS»: the awakening of deep ecstasy.