YOU have been a bad boy?

Duration: 60 minutes

1 girls:  900 hryvnia

2 girls:  1200 hryvnia

How do you behave? Were obedient boy or a mischief-maker, who should be punished strictly, but a passionate mistress? Club erotic massage «Eross» offers a unique program that allows you to throw out all the secret and cherished, try on a new role. This program is an intriguing name – “You behaved badly ?!”.
Even more fun
Tired of routine monotony of everyday life? Then it is necessary to arrange a spicy entertainment, which completely overturn your world and make to look at their lives differently. The program “You behaved badly” designed for strong self-confident men who just dream to try on the role of an obedient boy-share, which is entirely under the authority of its beauty-mistress. However, role-playing games – it’s not all that we can offer you.
This program is not for nothing is one of the best in «Erros». It combines all the attributes for a stunning holiday. The pleasant atmosphere of mystery and eroticism, beautiful girl, nice, useful for the mind and body massage performed by a pro in their field and unobtrusive role-playing game with elements of light BDSM and all sorts of attributes of this subculture. Such an adventure for sure will not be able to forget, and these experiences will want to experience again and again.
Professional massage and a delight for the eyes of men
We do not suggest that you simply take part in the erotic action and satisfy their passion in a society of a beautiful girl with an incredibly handsome features and rich elastic body. No, it certainly is, but not only. The fact is that whatever our girl you choose, you can count on a professional massage. Skilful nimble pen (and not only) will be expertly explore every millimeter of your body, which will sensitively respond to every touch. In our massage charmer simply has no equal. Because at the end of hour program “You behaved badly!” you’ll be sick of feeling overflowing emotions. A huge pleasure from the contemplation of the young girl’s body, which constantly touches you one way or another part of his divine body. Pleasant, releasing energy massage, granting bodily bliss. An exciting game in which the strong man can try on the role of the servant of love and discover new facets of pleasure.
Affordable pleasure
It is worth noting that, although, on the high quality services, a wide range of programs for the rest of the male society of nice beautiful girls, yet our prices are not high and it is available for every lover of spicy entertainment. Because you can relax in the delightful society masseuses «Erros» as much as you do so wish.
And for those who want to get the maximum experience, we are always ready to offer to invite to participate in the program, not one, but two girls. In this case, piquant pleasure will go off-scale, and taunt you with even greater force.